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  • Description Firesleeve is made of insulated glass fiber braided sleevewhich is coated with iron oxidant

  • Braided silica fiber sleeve. It has goodappearance, soft, flame resistant ,heat resistant. Itcan work in 1000C continuously.It s suitable forhigh temperature. The reatment can be decidedby you.

  • Description It s braided by nonalkali fiber glass, surface covered with aluminum foil. It can reflect90% high temperature on pipes surface.Even if in the extreme weather,the aluminumfoilwon' tbreak away from the fiber glass. Working Temp..540Cincontinuous

  • Braided glass fiber sleeve. It can protect theindustrial wire, cable and hoses from hightemperature .The coating treatment can bedecided by you.

  • Basalt fiber sleeve is a highly comfortablesleeve; it has excellent flexibility, flameresistant, heat resistant and chemicalcorrosion resistant. Mainly used in aviation,war industry, marine engines and generators,construction fields .Cuts easily with scissor.

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